Troop 1102 Gives Back

Troop 1102 gives back with Take Action Project
Troop 4024

Girl Scouts Karlierose , Adrianna, and Brooklynnn visited with the residents of the Anchorage Pioneer Home during dinner and presented their art and cookies.

This year, Troop 1102 completed the Daisy Flower Garden Journey. The troop was led by Mrs. Alice Bainbridge and co-leader Ashley Zarebski. As the girls learned about beautifying a space in the community, they began thinking outside of the box. Ideas of cleaning a park or planting a garden came to mind, but the girls took one look at the extra boxes of cookies our troop had and decided to bring beauty and cheer to a special group of people in our Anchorage community. 

Troop 4024Troop 4024The girls decided to make various types of paper flowers and a large 3-D original piece of art that shared all the components of the Girl Scout law. Not only would this beautify the day room in the Pioneer Home, but the girls presented this piece of art along with a box of Girl Scout cookies to the residents in attendance. They brought a little sunshine with art and treats.Troop 4024

Brooklynn, Adrianna, and Karlierose visited with the residents of the Pioneer home during dinner and presented their art and cookies. Both the residents and girls had a great time.

Photos and text submitted by Co-leader Ashley Zarebski

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