Troop 4024 Earns Bronze Award

Troop 4024 Earns Bronze Award

Juneau, Alaska| 2015-2016


The troop took time during the summer of 2015 to think about what areas of our community needed help and about what matched each Girl Scout’s skills, interests, and abilities.

  • The troop met in the fall of 2015 and discussed each girl’s ideas for a project. The ideas covered a wide variety of possibilities.  After much discussion, the group narrowed down the choices to environmental (awareness/support of a new energy efficient incinerator for the landfill), to educational (tutoring and book drives), to food security (Southeast Food Bank support), to animal welfare (volunteering/support of Gastineau Humane Society).  After discussion and voting, the troop selected animal welfare as its project type and the Gastineau Humane Society. 



The troop contacted Gastineau Humane Services to see what type of assistance they most needed from the community.  After talking to the volunteer coordinator, the troop determined that the shelter needed individuals to do volunteer hours at the shelter, which would involve socializing with the cats, walking dogs, and doing laundry and dishes.  In addition, the cat kennels needed fleece blanket pads.  The troop decided to do a combination of volunteer hours at the shelter and made fleece blanket pads for the cat kennels.



  • SHELTER WORK – The troop started by reading the GHS volunteer handbook at a troop meeting and reviewed all of the requirements for volunteers. All troop members, leaders, and volunteering parents then attended an orientation meeting at the shelter, where all volunteer paperwork was handed in and the troop took a tour of the facility.  Since most of the girls were under the minimum age for some of the duties, a schedule was developed that could accommodate parents and leaders.  The troop started helping at the shelter on Saturday mornings for several weeks during the months of January 2016 through May 2016. 
  • BLANKET PADS – The troop got the specs on the kennel pads from the GHS volunteer coordinator and did a rough estimate of how much fleece would be needed to do the no-sew pads. Luckily, there was an excellent Black Friday sale at JoAnn’s, and the group got a huge amount of fabric for about $100.  In fact, there ended up being more fabric than needed for this award project, so the troop plans to make more of the pads occasionally to replenish the shelter’s supply!
  • The total amount of hours meeting, planning, volunteering, and creating kennel pads was 53.25 hours.



At the end of the school year, the troop finished its volunteer hours and planned a time to deliver the blankets to the Gastineau Humane Society.  The blankets were delivered and the shelter staff took a picture of the troop presenting the blankets.  This photo was also posted to the GHS Facebook page and included above.  At Juneau’s area-wide bridging ceremony in May of 2016, the troop presented the project to the community, talking about the experience and showing samples of the kennel pads.  This project really energized the troop and has gotten them excited about taking larger leadership roles.  After completing the project, 3 out of 5 troop members said they wanted to go all the way and get their Gold Awards!

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