Bronze, Silver, & Gold Awards

Bronze, Silver, & Gold Awards

Girl Scouting’s highest awards—the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards—give girls the chance to make a lasting difference in their community and the world.



2016-2017 Award Orientations

**All sessions are open to girls, adult volunteers, and troops.

New Requirements

Starting October 1, 2016, all potential Gold Award earners MUST attend a Gold Award webinar prior to submitting her proposal. Girls can attend a webinar as a troop, but all girls must participate (not just the Troop Leader or adult.)  Adults are welcome to attend, although it is not required. Can’t attend a scheduled webinar? Contact Maggie to arrange another time, date, or format. All sessions are via teleconference.

Gold Award orientation

May 3, 2017 5:30 -6:30 p.m. Click here to register
July 5, 2017 5:30-6:30 p.m. Click here to register
Aug 2, 2017 5:30-6:30 p.m. Click here to register

Questions? Want to attend an orientation outside of the times listed above? Contact Maggie, 907-342-5012

Bronze/Silver Award orientation


Your Gold Award Application

Are you ready to make a difference in the world? The Girl Scout Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting. Open only to girls of high-school age, this prestigious award challenges girls to make a difference in the world—or at least their corner of it. Gold Award earners are eligible for college scholarships and enter the military one rank higher.

New Requirements

Starting October 1, 2016, all potential Gold Award earners MUST attend a Gold Award webinar prior to submitting her proposal. Girls can attend a webinar as a troop, but all girls must participate (not just the Troop Leader.)  Adults are welcome to attend, although it is not required. Can’t attend a scheduled webinar? Contact Maggie to arrange another time/date or format.

Important Dates:

Proposals & Final Reports due: Second Friday of each month
(Proposals/Final reports received after the second Friday will be reviewed at the next month’s Gold Award Committee meeting)

Young Women of Distinction 2017 Final Deadline:
Proposals: February 10, 2017

Final Reports: April 14, 2017
(Proposals/Final Reports received after these dates will be eligible for Young Women of Distinction 2018 even if the Girl Scout has graduated high school.)

2017 Graduating Seniors Final Deadline:
Project Proposal: July 2, 2017
Final Reports: September 2, 2017

Get Started

To start your Gold Award application, visit GoGold Online. Under “Prerequisites,” click the “Register Now” button to get started.

Questions or to request a PDF or paper application, contact Program Development Specialist Maggie Ewan, 907-273-0308


2017 Gold Award Earners

Jordan Cooper, Juneau, Troop 4019
Jordan created a website that provides adults with easy-to-use STEM activities for students. Aware of adults’ time constraints and lack of experience with STEM-related curriculum, Jordan created a user-friendly website, where lessons are organized by sessions and can be accessed by any interested adult, regardless of background or experience. The website benefits students by introducing them to a world of fun, hands-on STEM activities and helps adults present materials confidently and efficiently, with the possibility of starting programs of their own. The website is connected to the STEM AK website and will be updated by FIRST Tech Challenge Team 6281 Genetic Advantage, an all-girls robotics team. View the website here:

River Nygard, Troop 198
River developed an age-appropriate You Are Not Alone (YANA) program at Hanshew Middle School that focuses on providing support to those who are experiencing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, alcohol/drug abuse, self harm, and suicidal thoughts. River and her senior class experienced the tragic loss of a friend in August 2015, which prompted them to start a program at Service High called YANA (You Are Not Alone). The program utilizes peer mentoring to help with suicide awareness and prevention. River saw a need to provide similar support to middle school aged students, so she worked with both Service High & Hanshew Middle counselors and staff to hand out flyers and yellow YANA bracelets, with a care hotline phone number printed on them, to over 900 students. She has organized peer mentoring to be taught by the Service High School YANA volunteers in 2016-17 at Hanshew and set up monthly meetings to be held by younger GS sister Troop 431 at Hanshew.

Siri Parker, Troop 198
Siri Parker, an avid bookworm, strived to improve literacy rates within the community as well as provide easy, free access to books, so she worked with the municipality to add two Little Lending Libraries (LLLs) to Abbott Loop Community Park and Campbell Creek Park. LLLs are a collection of books in a small enclosed bookcase where people take a book and leave one behind. The LLLs allow children to borrow books, donate their extra books, or keep them home if they can’t afford books of their own. She raised the money, designed and built the hutches to match the park’s theme, and installed them. To ensure the LLLs don’t run out of books, Siri has arranged with the girls of Troop 431 to maintain and stock them with a new supply of books weekly. Siri also held a used book giveaway so people would have books to leave when they take one. The LLLs are already doing incredibly well, and the books turnover at least once a week!

Zoe Xavier, Troop 198
Zoe saw the need for homeless women to have personal care items for themselves and their children, such as feminine hygiene products, toiletries, diapers and wipes. To meet these needs, she set up a continuing program through her church to collect these items and have them delivered to women’s shelters in Anchorage. She ensured this will be sustainable by enlisting a younger sister troop at Saint Elizabeth Anne Seaton to help this amazing program continue on for the next few years. Then they will pass the project on to another troop, living out the Girl Scout Law of sisters helping sisters!

2016 Gold Award Earners

In 2016, Girl Scouts of Alaska honored its ten Gold Award earners at the annual Young Women of Distinction luncheon, held April 21st at the Dena’ina Center in Anchorage:


Kharissa Chasse, Palmer
A student at Mat-Su Career and Technical High School and a member of Troop 447, Kharissa organized a Historical Walking Tour of Palmer for her Gold Award project. She identified and labeled historical buildings in downtown Palmer, and created a Facebook page and brochures with maps and images that can be used for a self-guided tour.

Taylor Hanson, Wasilla
A student at Colony High School and a member of Troop 901, Taylor developed a
Drink Eight, Feel Great campaign to encourage young people to drink more water. Through informational posters, Taylor highlighted the extraordinary benefits that come with drinking more water, such as helping the body maintain a healthy weight, clearer skin, and improved kidney function. She also distributed reusable water bottles to youth and created an informational video.

Alexis Hinther, Palmer
A student at Palmer High School and a member of Troop 459, Alexis developed a Car Seats: Moving Up Safely campaign to ensure children’s car seats are installed correctly. Working with Safe Kids Alaska, Safe Kids Mat-Su, and Mat-Su Services for Children and Adults, Alexis developed a handout detailing how to properly install a car seat.

Megan Junge, Anchorage
A student at East Anchorage High School and a member of Troop 35, Megan created a wood statue honoring Alaskan mothers. “Throughout my life, I have been surrounded by strong and beautiful women,” Megan said. “I realized that these women are only celebrated once a year, which does not do justice to their effort and sacrifice.” The statue, Mothers of Alaska, will not only raise collective awareness of the important role mothers play, but list resources for mothers who may be struggling, such as the contact information for food banks and women’s shelters. 

Kyrstin Marshall, Wasilla
A student at Wasilla High School and a member of Troop 901, Kyrstin developed a Get off the Couch: Kick, Move, Bounce campaign to encourage youth to exercise. “We need to instill in children at a young age that exercise is fun and beneficial,” Kyrstin said. Kyrstin’s campaign focused on simple exercises that can be done at home with minimal equipment. 

Hana Newman, Petersburg
A student at Petersburg High School and a member of Troop 4112, Hana started a breast cancer awareness campaign to encourage women to get their annual mammograms. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime. Early detection reduces a woman’s risk of dying from the disease by 30 percent or more. For her campaign, Hana put up posters and distributed flyers, manned a booth at Petersburg’s breast cancer awareness walk, and ran public service announcements on the local radio station. 

Jesi Schwarz, Anchorage
A student at West Anchorage High School and a member of Troop 15, Jesi put together Kits-4-Kids – toiletries and personal-care items for youth staying at Clare House Women’s Shelter. “Many homeless children do not have access to basic hygiene products,” Jesi said. “Using an adult-size toothbrush may not seem like that big a deal, but when a child has lost everything, finding something set aside especially for him or her can provide an emotional anchor.” Kits-4-Kids will continue as an annual spring donation to Clare House.

Alex Shannon, Anchorage
A student at South Anchorage High School and a Juliette (a registered girl not affiliated with a troop), Alex created a video called Addressing Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a reading disorder related to language processing and visual processing. As much as 17 percent of the world’s population suffers some form of dyslexia. The website for the Alaska branch of the International Dyslexia Association has a link to Alex’s video, and it has been shown to educators in the Anchorage School District. One hundred copies of the video are currently in circulation.

Roslyn White, Anchorage
A student at Dimond High School and a member of Troop 15, Roslyn coordinated a donation drive for Anchorage Animal Care and Control. She solicited her fellow students and teachers for donations, such as bags of dog food and newspapers to line animals’ cages. Roslyn’s donation drive will be sustained beyond her involvement through members of the Dimond High School Key Club.

Jenevia Wika, Anchorage
A student at South Anchorage High School and a member of Troop 603, Jenevia started a teen suicide prevention club at her school to offer hope, support, and outreach to those in need. Alaska has the highest suicide rate per capita in the nation. Nationwide, suicide is the third leading cause of death for those aged 15 to 24. Jenevia’s You are Not Alone club is a peer-to-peer support network that utilizes the QRP model – Question, Persuade, Refer.


2015 Gold Award Earners  

The Gold Award is the highest award in Girl Scouting. Congratulations to our 2015 Gold Award earners! Read about each of their projects here.  

  • Emily Carman, Anchorage
  • Ariel Hasse, Wasilla
  • Jordan Lane, Anchorage
  • Kathleen Meeds, Anchorage
  • Kelsey Olmstead, Anchorage
  • Sharayah Taylor, Ketchikan 
  • Rachel White, Anchorage

A special thank you to event emcee Kharissa Chasse of Palmer Girl Scout Troop 447, keynote speaker Olympian Holly Brooks, Gold Sponser CIRI, Bronze Sponsor Soroptimist International of Anchorage on Cook Inlet, and corporate sponsors Alaska Commercial Company, BP Alaska, and Saltchuk Corp. 

Read more about our 2015 Young Women of Distinction luncheon on our blog!  

2015 Gold Award earners (L to R): Event emcee Kharissa Chasse, Sharayah Taylor, Kelsey Olmstead, Olympian Holly Brooks, Kathleen Meeds, Emily Carman, Rachel White 

Gold Award Committee

We are looking for volunteers to join our Gold Award Committee. For more information, click here.

Scholarship Opportunity for Gold Award Earners

Paul Smith’s College is excited to announce a new scholarship opportunity for Girl Scouts who have earned the Gold Award. Students who are accepted to Paul Smith’s College will receive a $1,00 Scholarship for their accomplishments in the Girl Scouts. This scholarship will renew each year the student is enrolled at Paul Smith’s and will be offered in addition to other scholarships or grants offered by Paul Smith’s College. 

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding Paul Smith’s College or the scholarship opportunities we offer, visit