General Cookie FAQs

So, where exactly does that cookie money go?

  • $1.15+/box goes directly to Little Brownie bakers for the cookies themselves.
  • $0.55 – $0.65 goes to troops directly as troop proceeds.
  • $0.05/box sold goes to individual Service Units.
  • The rest is Girl Scouts of Alaska Council revenue stays in the GSAK community to build girls courage, confidence, character who make the world a better place. GSAK uses these proceeds to pay for cookie rewards, destination and troop trip credits, day and resident camps, girl assistance, volunteer training and support.

Should I buy Girl Scout Cookies?

  • Absolutely! By purchasing you enable girls to participate in the GSAK Cookie Sale where girls build key life skills that set them up for success whichever path they may choose. We understand that dietary requirements can be restricting and we are working hard to offer cookies to meet our supporter’s special needs, but even if you can’t eat any of our cookies, you can still participate in the Gift of Caring. Read more about the Gift of Caring Program below!

What is the Gift of Caring Program?

  • The Gift of Caring program encourages Girl Scouts to give back to their community through our GSAK Product Sales program. As a troop, girls decide which organization to donate any Gift of Caring cookies purchased by their customers. Each troop should develop a Gift of Caring goal around the amount of cookies they would like to donate and how they will encourage their customers to purchase Gift of Caring cookies. The purchase of Gift of Caring Cookie supports local Girl Scouts and their communities.

Why aren’t these cookies the same Cookies I bought from another Council last year?

  • There are two bakers with which Girl Scout Councils can work with to supply the Cookies for their local Cookie Program: Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Bakers. Though most of the Cookies are similar, the recipes vary slightly and each baker offers a few cookies that are unique to them specifically. Girl Scouts of Alaska Council currently works with Little Brownie Bakers.

How much is a box of Girl Scout Cookies?

  • Cookies sold by members of Girl Scouts of Alaska are $5 per box.

Do all Girl Scout councils sell Girl Scout cookies for the same price?

  • The cost of Girl Scout Cookies ranges throughout the 112 Girl Scout councils in the United States. Pricing is based on each areas unique attributes and economic characteristics.