Leadership Journeys
Journeys are the core national program of Girl Scouting and are based on the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. This means each journey has girls using Girl Scouting’s three keys to leadership: Discover, Connect, and Take Action. As the core Girl Scout program, journeys tie to the 15 national Girl Scout leadership outcomes and the three processes (Girl Led, Learning by Doing, and Cooperative Learning) that make Girl Scouting distinct from school and other activities.

A Girl Scout journey represents a new way that girls can experience Girl Scouting. It is a fun and challenging experience spread over a series of sessions (usually 6-8 but with the potential to last far longer). The journey, which follows a designated theme, has a clear starting point (an invitation to explore and take action) and a definite ending point (opportunities to enjoy closure through reflections, rewards, and celebration). Along the way, girls are following a purposeful trail that allows them to have fun, get wiser, and experience all the joys of being a traveler (meeting new people, exploring new tastes and cultures, gathering keepsakes, making memories) while being able to carry this all in one “suitcase”–their journey book!

No matter how much time girls spend on a journey, the whole is always greater than any single part. So when a Girl Scout journey comes to a close, girls and their adult guides truly feel a sense of accomplishment.

Journey books take girls at every grade level through a series of Discover, Connect, and Take Action experiences, with emphasis on inviting girls to “Take Action” on issues they care about. These books also contain stories; inspirational ideas; information about Girl Scout history, traditions, and values; facts and games; and provide space for girls to collect their own ideas and memories.

“How to” books—or guides for adult volunteers--that correspond to each of the girl books have also been created. These guides offer plenty of support, including sample sessions to tailor with girls, to help carry out the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.