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Volunteer Disclosure, Background Check Authorization and Consent for Release of Information

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In applying for a volunteer position, the information which I have furnished on this form is subject to verification, which may include contacting listed references and criminal history report. I understand that misrepresentation of omission of facts requested is cause for non-appointment as a volunteer.
I hereby consent and voluntarily authorize Girl Scouts of Alaska to contact listed references and to obtain an independent criminal background report that includes Social Security Number validation report. I further authorize said council to request or receive information including motor vehicle reports, past employment and/or references pertinent to my potential work as a volunteer. I further understand that a credit report may be requested if my assignment includes the handling of money.
I certify that the entries made by me in this form are true, complete, and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and are made in good faith and voluntarily. I understand that any false statements or answers by me may disqualify me for volunteer services or will be sufficient grounds for termination. Moreover, I understand that failure to complete this form will preclude me from volunteer opportunities with Girl Scouts of Alaska.
If appointed as a volunteer, I agree to abide by the philosophies, policies, and procedures as stated in Girl Scouts of Alaska Volunteer Policies and Volunteer Essentials, abide by the Girl Scout Promise and Law , to register with Girl Scouts of the USA and to fulfill the volunteer responsibilities to the best of my ability.