Fall Product Sales FAQs

Why do we have a Fall Product Sale program and cookies?

  • The Fall Product Sale program happens at the beginning of the school year when most troops are just starting or resuming. Since the Cookie Sale doesn’t happen until winter, the Fall Product Sale program gives GSAK Girl Scouts a chance to earn startup funds for the year. All net revenue raised through the Girl Scout Product Sales — every penny after paying the vendor — stays in Alaska to support our Girl Scouts, girl programs, and camps.

When does the Fall Product Sale program happen?

  • The Fall Product Sale program happens September – December: September = Training; October = Sales; November = Product/Reward Deliver; December = Financial Wrap Up.

What items are offered for purchase during the Fall Product Sale program?

  • The GSAK Fall Product Sale program offers a wide variety of nut and snack mixes, boxes of chocolates, and online/physical magazine subscriptions. Food products range between $7 and $10, while most magazine subscriptions fall within the $15 range.

How can I purchase GSAK Fall Product Sale items?

  • GSAK girls sell items online and in person. Online purchases can be made via a link sent out in an email from the girl or by using a girl distributed code that can be entered after logging into the website www.gsnutsandmags.com/nuts or www.gsnutsandmags.com/store.  
  • Purchases made online can be delivered directly to the customer’s house (for a delivery fee) or, if the customer is local, can be delivered by a GSAK Girl Scout. These Girl Scout delivered items are called “promise orders” as the customer “promises to pay” once the product is delivered.
  • Magazine subscription purchases are always delivered directly to the customer via the internet or USPS.
  • Don’t know a GSAK girl scout? Contact GSAK product sales at gsakproductsales@girlscoutsalaska.org.

 How many products come in a “case”?

  • There are 12 items in every case. Only food items come in cases, magazines are delivered directly to the customer.

Can I use coupons/promotion codes for magazine subscriptions purchased through the GSAK Fall Product Sale?

  • In order to ensure that GSAK Girl Scouts get the proper proceeds from each magazine subscription purchase, coupons or discounts cannot be used toward GSAK Fall Product Sale magazine subscription purchases.

What is Care-to-Share?

  • The Care-to-Share Fall Product Sale program gives girls/customers a chance to give back to their local community. When a Care-to-Share product is purchased, it is donated to the organization of the girl’s/troop’s choice. GSAK Girl Scouts are encourage to set goals around how many Care-to-Share items they would like to donate and to mindfully select the local organization to which they would like to donate.

Who should I contact if I have an issue with a food product?

Who should I contact if I have an issue with a magazine subscription?