Encampment FAQs

  1. Q: Is registration open?
    A: Yes! Troops can register online. There are 3 steps.

    Step 1 is site reservation. It is $65/troop (+$30 if you want RV hook ups.) This helps us get an estimate of numbers and t-shirt sizes. Site reservation is available here: http://bit.ly/GSAKencamp1

    Step 2 is troop registration. It is $100/girl. This is where troops register their girls and order t-shirts ($10/shirt). Troops do not need to pay upon registration, but it is an option. If troops have sold cookies or need financial aid they will NOT see an option to pay. Cookie credits and financial aid will be applied after cookie season. Troop registration is available here: http://bit.ly/GSAKencamp2

    Step 3 is program requests. This is will open in April. Troops will be able to request programs (not all requests can be granted), register for the fun run/walk, put in their pizza order, select wagon ride times, etc.

  2. Q: When is payment due?
    A: All payments are due May 5th.
  3. Q: Are t-shirts included like last time?
    A: No, t-shirts are $10/shirt.
  4. Q: I submitted my forms already, but I need to make a change. What do I do?
    A: Contact Maggie at encampment@girlscoutsalaska.org

  5. Q: What’s the refund policy?
    A: A full refund is given for cancellation by April 7.  A refund, exclusive of the $65 campsite fee, is given if cancellation is made by May 5.
  6. Q: How do cookie credits work?
    A: Each troop council wide gets 20 cents credit for each box of cookies the troop sells in the 2017 sale. This is a troop credit, not an individual girl credit. Troops are responsible for their own food and camping supplies. (Cookie credits are 35 cents per box for troops off the road system.) A troop receives credit for all boxes sold by the troop, whether or not all girls attend Encampment. If an individual girl is attending with a different troop and is taking the place of a girl in that troop who is not attending, her cookie credits will not transfer. If an individual girl is attending in addition to the troop (meaning 100% of troop is attending), the girl’s individual cookie credits can be added to the troop’s total. 
  7. Q: I completed my site reservation, but I haven’t received my information packet yet. How do I get one?
    A: Information packets are emailed out every Friday afternoon. If you do not receive one, email encampment@girlscoutsalaska.org