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Important Cookie Updates:

  • The 100 Patch Pins are on backorder and will be shipped directly to the leaders of each troop in July. LBB had a national shortage of these items, so we purchased them direct from the manufacturer who is also experiencing high order volumes and can’t guarantee the patch pins until July.
  • Encampment Credits will be 20 cents for on road system troops and 35 for off road system troops per box sold. The manual currently says 5 and 10 cents respectively. View the updated manual here.
  • Please review important Digital Cookie update 

Troop Cookie Manual edits:
gs_arrow16_01_je Troops will receive an additional $0.05/ box if they have a per girl average of 230+ boxes sold by the end of the Cookie Sale Program.
gs_arrow16_01_je Cookie Club will not be a part of the 2017 GSAK Cookie Program. It will be replaced by Digital Cookie.
gs_arrow16_01_je View updated Troop Manual here

For girls NOT participating with a troop or through a GSAK School Program gs_arrow16_01_je Click here for Individual Girl Manual.

In order for Girl Scouts to participate in Digital Cookie, they must be in eBudde and have all of the Digital Cookie required information (see Digital Cookie Troop sign up form). 
gs_arrow16_01_je The time frame for Troop Digital Cookie sign-up has expired. However, GSAK Girl Scout parents/guardians can still sign their girls up by following this link to the Girl + Family Portal page!

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Girls Scouts of Alaska Cookie Dates:


Jan.6 – March 26

 Jan.6 – March 15

gs_arrow16_01_je Digital Cookie Direct Delivery Orders (shipped directly to the customer)

gs_arrow16_01_je Digital cookie Girl Delivery Orders (must be delivered by the Girl)

  January 6, 2017  gs_arrow16_01_je Pre-order and Digital Cookie orders start 
  January 24, 2017  gs_arrow16_01_je Pre-orders end
  February 24, 2017  gs_arrow16_01_je Pre-Order deliveries and Booth Sales start
  March 15, 2017   gs_arrow16_01_je Digital Cookie Girl Delivery option closes

March 26, 2017 

 gs_arrow16_01_je Booth Sales and Digital Cookie end
 gs_arrow16_01_je Last day of 2017 GSAK Cookie Program

See expanded list of Cookie Dates!


Everything you need for a successful cookie season can be found here:


The Girl Scout Cookie Program gives girls the opportunity to develop:


All net revenue raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, every penny after paying the baker, stays in Alaska to support our Girl Scouts, girl programs, and camps.


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