Cookie Program

Cookies1Looking to support your local Girl Scout troop by purchasing Girl Scout cookies? Click here to check out the Cookie Locator and find the Cookie Booth nearest you! 

The Girl Scout Cookie Program gives girls the opportunity to develop:

All net revenue raised through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, every penny after paying the baker, stays in Alaska to support our Girl Scouts, girl programs, and camps.


Find information suited just for you: General Cookie FAQs Volunteers | Girls + Families Volunteer Quick Start Guide | GSAK Product Sales FAQs | Customer Information | 2017 Specialty Cookies FAQs | Important Update about Cookie Varieties 

Girls Scouts of Alaska Cookie Dates:
  January 6, 2017  gs_arrow16_01_je Pre-orders and Digital Cookie orders start 
  January 22, 2017  gs_arrow16_01_je Pre-orders end
  February 24, 2017  gs_arrow16_01_je Pre-Order deliveries and Booth Sales start
  March 15, 2017   gs_arrow16_01_je Digital Cookie Girl Delivery option closes

March 26, 2017 

 gs_arrow16_01_je Booth Sales and Digital Cookie end
 gs_arrow16_01_je Last day of 2017 GSAK Cookie Program

Cookie Varieties 
thin-mints samoas tagalongs
100seal trefoils 100seal
do-si-dos toffee-tastic savannah-smiles

The S’mores variety is available in limited quantities at local booth sales. Unlimited quantities are available for direct shipping from Digital Cookie – shipping charges apply.

See nutritional facts here!

How to support Girl Scouts of Alaska by purchasing Girl Scout Cookies:

Order from a Girl 
gs_arrow16_01_je Preorder
gs_arrow16_01_je Place order through girl’s Digital Cookie site

Booth Sales

gs_arrow16_01_je Link to cookie locator app:

Gift of Caring 
gs_arrow16_01_je Troop Gift of Caring
gs_arrow16_01_je Council Gift of Caring (Through Digital Cookie)

Don’t know a Girl Scout? 
gs_arrow16_01_je Reach out to to receive information on how to support your local Girl Scouts.

Cookie Resources: 

CasesStack Get information about all of Girl Scouts of Alaska’s Product Sales

thinmint Cookie FAQs