Main line in Anchorage: 907-248-2250 / 800-478-7448
Juneau Office: 907-586-1710 

Sue Perles, CEO, 907-273-0306
Erica Otten, CFO, 907-273-0311
Amanda Block, Chief Mission Officer/Statewide Camp Director, 907-273-0316

Shiree Farmer, Staff Accountant/Customer Service, 907-273-0313
Danielle Skinner, Database and Customer Service Specialist, 907-273-0319

Amanda Block, Chief Mission Officer/Statewide Camp Director, 907-273-0316
Jesse Hooper, Camp Ranger, 907-538-1139

Communications and Marketing
Carly Horton Stuart, Communications Director, 907-273-0315

Development and Board Support
Darleen Fernandez, Development Director, 907-273-0317 
Ashlee Fitch, Board, Development and Events Manager, 907-273-0307

Allison McLain, Director of Membership, 907-273-0312

Southside, Westside/Sand Lake, Midtown, Girdwood – Eyvette Flynn, 907-273-0310
Northside – Amanda Block, 907-273-0316
Eastside, JBER, Chugiak/Eagle River – Sarah Guthrie, 907-273-0314

Bethel, Dillingham, and Southwest region:
Jen Pudge, 907-273-0303

Juneau and upper Southeast region:
Taralee Ellis, 907-586-1710

Kenai Peninsula, Kodiak, Prince William Sound:
Billeen Carlson, 907-399-1674

Ketchikan and lower Southeast region:
Melissa Garcia Johnson, 907-617-2160

Emily Tiller, 907-376-3822

Retail and Product Sales
Rae Ratliff, Product Sales Manager (Girl Scout Cookie Program and Fall Product Sale), 907-273-0302 
Jennifer Vega, Retail Store Manager, 907-273-0309

Maggie Ewan, Program Development Specialist – STEM and events, 907-273-0308
Hannah Moye, Program Development Specialist – series and travel, 907-273-0304